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We offer personalized tours so that you get the rare and exclusive experience of Bhutan as it should be.

Greetings from BMTA!

We are a full-service tour operator in Bhutan with over 17 years of experience. Let us take care of your family vacation, honeymoon, business trip, and other holiday needs.

Just as destination and passion for adventure are important, a good trip cannot be executed without serious emphasis on service. I am fortunate to have dedicated and professional staff who have joined this company because they love to travel and explore. This passion fuels their educational experience. Our staffs make every effort to offer you the best travel experience possible based on your request and your budget. I am very much looking forward to seeing you in our country Bhutan.

Contact us today and build lasting memories for you and yours on your next vacation. We will help you build those memories with our extraordinary service. Fulfil your dream of a lifetime with us for your trip to our beautiful country Bhutan.

Tshewang Dorji – Managing Proprietor
Bhutan Mystical Tours & Adventure,
Thimphu, Bhutan

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Why travel with us?

Personalized services

We make sure all tours are as per your expectation, liking and preference so that you have a pleasant stay in Bhutan.

24/7 support

Our customer support team works round the clock so that your questions are answered immediately.


We are registered under the Department of Trade and Industry and certified by the Tourism Council of Bhutan.

Decade Experience

Since 2008, we have been organizing tours for guests from different countries. We are one of the experienced agents in Bhutan.

My friend and I had such a great experience with Bhutan Mystical Tours & Adventuresl! We were amazed with the services they provided, and our corresponding with their travel representatives made planning a breeze.

Chad, Canada

With Every Tour Booked To Bhutan

Bhutan is a small country and merely an 800,000 population. As to prevent the crowding of tourists and protect its diverse cultures and traditions, our visionary 4th King brought the idea of high-value low volume tourism.

This means, the tour cost to Bhutan is much higher as compared to other Asian destinations but what you experience in Bhutan is of high value.

But that does not end there, for every tour you book, you pay a sustainable development fee to the government.

These fees the government collects are contributed to free education, free health care, infrastructure development, the building of schools and hospitals, and many more. Literally, by visiting Bhutan, you become a contributor, a donor to human society.